Is My Home Suitable for Solar?

If your home isn’t completely surrounded by trees, there is a good chance a solar system can be installed. There are a few things we look at to determine if a home or business is a suitable site for a solar system. Specifically, we look at the following: roof space, roof orientation, roof slope, and shading or obstructions.

  • South, Southwest, and Southeast facing roofs with sloped or flat roofs are ideal for providing the best overall solar production. However, we can work with almost any type of roof or ground space.
  • One solar module is about 20 Square Feet (SF) and weighs approximately 50 pounds. Ideally, the roof area is at least 350 SF.
  • Shading from trees and other buildings reduce the solar output. Ideally, a solar system has no shading, but we can adjust the production estimates based on shading to provide accurate production projections.

FREE Solar Site Assessment

We are always happy to discuss solar energy with curious home and business owners. We provide free solar site assessments, which help home owners determine if their property is a suitable site for solar energy. As part of the site assessment, we will provide budgetary turnkey installation prices, options, energy production estimates, and payback and ROI calculations.