Does solar work in Wisconsin with all the snow we get?

Although solar production is higher in the summer months, the system will still function in the winter months, even after a big snow storm. Depending on the roof slope, the solar modules naturally shed the snow within a few hours to a couple of days. Further, even when the modules are covered with snow, the system can still produce energy, just at a lower level.

Does hail damage the solar modules?

In over ten years of solar installations, we have never seen a damaged solar module from a hail stone.

Will the solar modules blow off my roof?

The system and attachments are designed to withstand 90 MPH wind gusts, the same as your home or building is designed for.

Will the system cause my roof to leak?

While we can’t say we have never had a roof leak, we can say 99.9% of all of our roof penetrations have been leak free. Over the past decade, we’ve been called back to fix less than 5 roof leaks. Keep in mind we have over 5,000 roof penetrations, so the 5 leaks accounts for 0.1% leak rate.

What about maintenance?

Grid tied, solar systems require virtually no maintenance. The frequent rain washes the solar modules, there are no moving parts, we do not recommend removing snow, so there is no required maintenance.

When the power goes out, will my solar system still provide me with power?

Unfortunately the solar system will not provide power during an outage unless you purchase a battery backup system, which could add thousands of dollars to the installation price. As a safety precaution for the utility linemen, the solar inverters are designed to automatically shut off when the grid power goes down. This is so the solar system doesn’t back feed power to the utility when the linemen (and women) are working on the utility lines.

Can my roof hold the additional weight of the solar system?

Our solar systems weigh less than 3 pounds per square foot (psf). Most roofs can accommodate that additional load. The first thing we look at is whether or not the roof has only one layer of roof shingles installed. Most roofs are designed for two layers of roof shingles, and a layer of roof shingles weigh about the same as a solar system (3 psf). If the roof only has one layer of roof shingles, then we are comfortable saying the roof can hold the additional weight. With that said, we can always consult a licensed structural engineer to evaluate the roof structure to confirm its ability to carry the additional loads. Some municipalities require this structural analysis to pull a permit.

Will my home owners insurance increase?

In most cases, no. Insurance companies have become familiar with solar energy equipment and typically do not charge anything additional for the installation of the solar system. If your insurance agent has any questions or concerns about solar energy, we are happy to discuss that with them.